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TT in da Shabu One

Today is 17/1/2012, same as last post. I'm updating 6 months past stuff. That day was Sunday, gorgeous  sunday. I woke up earlier to do some make up. After done the make up, then i kept taking photos as that's one of my Anyway, you can just skip this part and scroll down.xD




 OK, DONE~~!!!xD

If i'm not mistaken again, we gathered there at 5.30pm. Without further ado, let's see what's going on. 

The first girl came forward to take photo with me. She is Chein Yan... 2011 instrumentalist finalist.xD

Err, I don't really know this photo taken by who. I just randomly found out from facebook.xD

*Wee* She is FUSIONARD's leader, Jojo...

*Hee* She is one the FUSIONARD's member, Andrea...

Hmmm... Fusionard has 5 members, the leader-- Jojo. and members are Andrea, Dalila, Calvin (the only guy), and me. Unfortunately, Dalila and Calvin couldn't attend this gathering here at Shabu One. Too Bad >.<


 This is SheeYun. The 2011 dancing finalist.xD
She is sooooo sexieeee. (^o^)v

 Followed by Moon. Singing finalist.xD

  Aloha. She is Eva.xD
Singing PD. She is really good in singing and dancing too.=)

 Is she again. Chein Yan.xD

 Alright, comes with SeanYee. 

 She is Yunice, a pretty girl. She speaks quite soft also.xD

She is Tete. She is really a funny person. With her you won't stop laughing until stomach ache.xD

She is Nina. A really skillful dancer.xD 
I love to see her dance, she can dance really good for me. When you see her dance, you will definitely 'Waaaaaaaaaaa' xD  Seriously 

Followed by ...

Yao Yao 
















 YuYu mummy

 Yuffie mummy

 Jonathan daddy

 Jayson, dancing PD

 Momoko, dancing PD

Last but not least, our 'spirit' person.xD
Program Master, Lemon, and 

Assistant Program Master, Xander.

Huhoo^^ The flash made me look like... ehhem..xD


TT Big Family in da Shabu One =)

 Have a nice day=)

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