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An outing with my college buddies ♥♥

Today is 16/1/2012, and i updating my 6 months past memories... Just in case i lost my memory, i can just look back my diary, recognize my buddy, my beloved friends and family. My last post stopped at July, so i decided to continue my July's blog with an outing...

3rd week of  July, if i'm not mistaken is 10th week of first semester in Tar College... Well, Sharon, Jin and I had planned to have a shopping day at Midvalley. Early in the morning, we gathered at Tasik Selatan LRT station, the station was under renovation, and temporarily cars cannot enter. So we have to move a distance to reach the train. 

Okay well, move down and view the photos.xD

 Beside me, she is Sharon. and her birthday is coming SOON~~
We are ORANGE !! ♥♥

 The other one, she is Jin. She kept her long hair for years. I always advise her to cut her hair and change new style, but she reluctant that she is really love her long hair very much.xD

 and halo. This is me. with my hair extension. Seriously, i missed my long hair very much. I kept long hair for years too. But don't know why, i was envying those short hair styled girls. And ultimately, i cut my hair..>.<

 Sharon, she is really look cute here. I knew her since high school, but not really close. Here in college, we are closer than ever. She is sometimes emotionally. Easily affected by others.

 Half way, we were starving. We haven't taken our breakfast. and it's afternoon so the most convenient way was fast food restaurant. I love McDonald ♥♥



 I changed apparel cause I'm going OO night with TT Family.

 In this photo, i was totally attracted by the pinky phone >.<



 Before i left midvalley, we took photos a lot a lot......

Finally, our story stop here. hope you enjoy by looking it.xD
Good Night ♥♥

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