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Happy birthday to Sharon ♥

Happy Birthday to you, 
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Sharon, 
happy birthday to you~~~

A girl name shuk fong was born on 28th of July 18 years ago.

Thursday, we had class as usual. Attended class.  
Our class mates decided to give her a surprise. During the break time, Vivien and some of them went nearby secret recipe to buy the birthday cake. When Vivien carried in the cake with the candles light, and the birthday song been sung, Sharon was like 'OMG, what was happening'. At the moment, she stunned. and then her tears slowly filled her eye socket and... ahhah... not crying of course.xD

Two days back...
We planned to go viva home to watch movie. Since our first semester we sacrificed our time for studies. And we rewarded ourselves with entertainmentsss...xD
Cause exam was around the corner, if we missed this opportunity, we gonna regret forever.haha

 Tadaaaa, this was my look. Wore Jin's dress.xD

Took photos  before we departed =)

ka cha....


 I was the hair stylist that day.xD 
i curled their hair. If not mistaken, i have had used about an hour to curl jin's hair.... 

Look here and POSE (^o^)v

At first, we planned to watch movie, but due to some reasons, we changed plan again.xD
So we headed to GARDEN to have our breakfast+lunch. 

While waiting for our food to come. Instead let the time passes meaningless, here we created some special memories.


yuhoo^^ our food served.xD
 By looking these photo, it opened my appetite. 



I was totally fell in love with the piano.


Lol. we were acting like we knew how to play the piano in the photos took. 


haha. Backed to our own seat.xD
and ka cha again.=)

a happy outing while celebrating sharon's birthday also. 

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