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the day after Talentime Night

well, it has been a long long time ago since last post. Abit bored cause sometimes really don't know what to post. And of course due to my laziness. haha. okay^^ let's revive this blog since i have so many stories want to share with you.xD

25th of June, is a meaningful day that I will never forget in my life. After one and half month we practised and finally the show ended just like that. Although there's only 5 minutes performances but we practise for 5hours x 5days x 7weeks =??! Calculate yourself nia~!!!!  Suddenly feel very emo. Time really passed in just a blink of an eye. I still remember the first day we practise at the training spot given, I was got a shock that time. I never thought of that corridor is our training spot. And the first day i entered the dancing room, and I was like oh my godddd~!!!!

Somehow, I was really happy that I chosen as TT finalist. Someday, I asked my PD Jayson that why I was chosen??! He gave me a really ridiculous answer. 'Because that time you was like very paiseh paiseh.' LoL. Cause I knew that my dancing skills, if they choose finalist by looking skills then definitely I will not be here. Thanks God ~!!!

It's already one week plus after TT night. But as usual, we will gather at college hall pretend like we have training. But as day goes by, lesser people gather at college hall. Everyone is busying their own stuff which is assignments and tests and bla bla bla. I really hope that my parents will allowed me to shift there, so that I can stay a little bit longer with TT humans. I have asked my parents but indirectly, then my dad answered 'can you please don't ask something that's impossible to happen' I'm totally speechless.

My classmates Niko, Sharon and Vivien are quite angry with me actually. Cause as their groupmates i can't fully give commitments for pratise the role play presentation during that riharsal week. And then last minute, one day before the role play only i'm free to pratice with them. After TT actual night I am still going college hall after 5pm. But they seems like not very happy with it. Always TT, TT, TT.... But seriously, if not TT I have nowhere to wander after 5pm. I think they don't know what I'm feeling, but if they were participated in TT, definitely they never say the same.xD

No matter where I am, as long as I in the college area, there's TT humans everywhere. Like every few steps I met the TT humans. My friends was like ' why you know so many people one??!' ahhah, cause they are 38 TT humans~~~~ When too close with 38 TT humans I will become like them someday maybe.xD
Anyway, I'm glad that I'm one of the TT members joining this such a big TT family.

P.S. I will post some TT videos in the next post.

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