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That's what we call LIFE xD

Hey guys, I'm backed after 2 months to revive my bloggieeee. *TeeHee*

Busy busy and busy doing assignments that coming non-stop~!!!

My college life had started and today is the last day of week 3. Week 4 is coming Soon~~~~  What to do??! I haven't done my homeworks. == Now only I realised college life is much more tough than secondary. When I was in secondary, I always envy my sister cause she already free from school, and got her freedom life. After I have started my college, whatever courseworks, tutorials and assignments come along, I almost loose my breath.

During orientation week in TARC I attended the audition for both TT Nite and OO nite. But I only entered TT finalist. And then, dancing training comes along, made me can't breath at all. The training starts from 5pm until 10pm. Everyday when I reached my home, it's already half passed eleven. I can't get adequate sleep at all. Most of the days I wake up with my sister at 6 something. Imagine if everyday I only sleep 6 hours, how can I tahan arh??!

But, through this TT nite, I knew a lots of friends from different courses. Which is my dancing team, FUSIONARDS. They are such a kind of person, they always teach me the new steps. Seriously, I learnt a lot of things not only for dance but others like phylosophy of life and etc. Sometimes it's quite tiring, but after 3 weeks training non-stop, I realised that I become slimmer and slimmer. Lol. That's true larh. I hope that maybe someday I can't achieve my targeted weight larh.xD

Besides that, I'm so supprise when I met Jin Jin and Shuk Fong in the toilet at the first day in college. I thought I can't find any other schoolmates that is same course with me. Thanks God~!!! I found them and we be in a same group now.=) I'm not ALONE again, at least. haha.

Anyway, college is realy fun although sometimes stress comes along but if be optimisrtic, that's call life~!!!
Well, I'm doing my tutorial half way and then blogging. Lol. I gotta finish my tutorial by today, cause tomorrow I'll be presenting one of the question. Owh gowd~~ help me please~~!!!!

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