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I'm back here today to bloggie again. My blog looks very boring without updates, and I'm gonna revive it now =)

I have resigned my job as I mentioned in last post. Teehee. I'm just thinking to resign and resign but didn't thinking of what should I do after that.LOL. After I have resigned, I stayed at home the whole 2 weeks without doing anything. It made me feel like GOSH. I had no income the whole month and have to ask for money with my parents. After suffered for 2 weeks at home, finally I found a job. Thanks GOD.=)

Well, within the 2 weeks, I totally suffered cause my ears can't even had a rest. My parents called me to do this and that,went here and there. That's why I'm not willing to stay at home any longer. If I have got job, then I work, If not then I rather call out my to yam cha or whatever. haha. What's a home sweet home, it's not for me.
Fortunately, I received a call from an event company. Then I have started to work about 5 days. And my salary have already reached RM 450. Wow. Although working hour is longer than the job I worked before, but I quite happy working now, it's so fun working with new friends.xD

I really don't know what to write now. Today I'm off day, and it's normal if I watched movies right??! But my dad don't know what happened then suddenly scold me. Lol. He is always like that. He just switch off the computer plug straight away without my permission. I hate it!!!

By the way, I'm gonna have class later on 8pm. My mum rushing me take a bath and prepare my stuff.=)

Besides this, I have to pray hard for my tomorrow's talk. I quite nervous actually. I hope that I can perform well. And now I'm just started to write my speech. LOL. Really pray hard nia.xD

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