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Saying Hi to dearest Mr. Tuesday. *peace*

owh. First of all, I really don't know what to blog today. But I only know that I really super duper bored at home~!! After being 1 whole week at home with nothing to do, I feel like EMO-ing. Everyday nagged by my parents. Arggh~~ Really don't know how can I survive until today ~!!

To be frank, sometimes I really don't know what to describe my parents. Cause when they are in good mood, everything go smooth and my mood won't get affected but inversely sometimes no matter what I have done, nothing is good in their eyes.LOL. So obvious right~!!!Especially my daddy, when I am driving, he is beside me, giving comments a lot non-stop. Don't you know that is really annoying??! Then I said to him that I knew when to stop and when to go, cause I'm not first day driving on the road ~~!! OMG. The words behind I don't even want to hear it. Cause, there's nothing good to hear~!!!

Let's say about 15th of March, that's my birthday. I told my mum that my classmates going to have a birthday celebration for me after my class ended. I really thought today's my birthday and maybe she will let me go for the birthday celebration. But NOT. Otherwise, when my parents fetched me after my class ended, on the way home, my dad suddenly warns me that after today, I couldn't have any celebration again. NO MORE CELEBRATION!!! NO MORE OUTING!!! He wanted me stay at home to do his company's account.=.=''

They always say that my sisters and I being very rude. And always compared us to others. Comparisons are odious~!!! Actually, not us want to be rude, just the situation and that time when he scolded us without any reasons, definitely we will have to protect ourselves. He just seen the bad side of us and judged every way, but compliment not comes with us even when we are right!! That's why, I have fed up, totally and completely!! My sister always telling me she wanted to leave this house if there is a chance and she will not come back forever and ever. But I stopped her from doing this. Cause no matter how they still our parents. What is considered being respectful to our parents? 

Well, today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday. 23th of March is a special day for me and maybe others too, cause after this day it will be decided where we have to go. Some of them have started their third level study journey, they have chosen their courses and going to study for it. I have my own interest in many ways, but my parents wanted me to study accounting. Okay, I have no idea on that so I just obeyed what they wanted. But I need some time on other matter too !! I just need a simple freedom but you failed to give me. I quite disappoint on this. I wanted to earn my own money to do my own stuff, I am a shopaholics, buying things is one of my hobbies. Everything my parents have planned for me. Is this a good news or bad news instead??! Which courses.. which career.. All they have chosen for me !! I can't say NO.

I breathless ~~~!!!

Bring me out of this mess~~!!!

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