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A shopping day with my beloved sister

 Today is 3rd day of CNY, and I don't know why I'm feeling very good !!xD 
Maybe because of my sister and I off to Timesquare cinema to watch Great Day !! TeeHee .

 Hmm ~ after dressing up LOOK !!xD

 Owh ~ help !! I cant stop taking picture !!>.<

 Well, I know I'm not good in posing ~ So, just enjoy the photos (^o^)v

Huh?! I'm making funny faces. Isn't it looked like coward ??!xD 

  This ang pau is given by my boss . Hmm~ Let's guess how much inside the ang pau ! I swear you wouldn't believe ~ But it's true . My boss gave RM 350 for my ang pau .

 Ishh~~ It's already 1 o'clock ! When my daddy wants to fetch me out ??!  We are already late for 1 hour !!

 Time still going on ~ Tik Tok ~Tik Tok~ !! Please daddy , hurry !!

The first thing to do when we reached Timesquare is queued up to buy the cinema entrance ticket. The ticket counter is crowded with people and we queued quite a long time! Supposedly, we chosen to watch Great Day ! Unfortunately, the tickets are sold out !! Too Bad !! Then without further ado we bought the tickets to watch I love Hong Kong ! 

Well, we spent 1 hour at the Huan Xi Di, next to the 3rd floor cinema before the movie start . We ordered Strawberry Milk Shake for drinks, my favourite CHEESE, and a dessert !! hmm~ yummy !! TeeHee .

 I took this picture while we waiting our parents to fetch us at the main entrance . Hey, look here!! *ka cha*

Okay fine . I've to admit that, my face is *uh hum*!!! >.<

 My friends told me that,  my 'round' face not suitable to wear spectacle . Ehh . Not bad larh!!xD
Do we look alike ?! Although we are sibling, but we have many difference in many way ! She likes to dress up like a boy, but I like to dress skirts and shorts !! Oh yeah !!

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