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Second day of CNY

ohaiyo !! Today I'm in super blogging mood =)
I slept at 1 o'clock yesterday . But I woke at 8 o'clock . I woke up automatically without my alarm . But I felt lazy to wake up this morning, so I laying on bed and messaged with my friends . My mum called us wake up for our breakfast . Well, we depart from our house to nearby restaurant . We passed by every restaurant, every restaurant is closed !! Arghh ~ My stomach is drumbling !! >.<

We sitting in car without realized the left tyre of our car is totally ~ uh hum~ !! My mum saw it before she entered the car .  Then, my dad drove to nearby petrol station .My dad, the only guy in our family, called all of us wait at the main door of the petrol station . After that, he do nothing ! LOL . He said gives us try to take out and change the spare tyre !! okay fine . But the tyre really very heavy !!!! Another experience for me . TeeHee .

We have our breakfast at 1o'clock after changed the tyre . All restaurant is closed . Then we saw Mr. McDonald !!! =) We have a nice day with Mr. McD .

Owh ~~ It's the time to dinner ! I gotta become fatty this new year . Eat . Sleep . Eat . Sleep . >.<
Well . Good night !!

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