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Esabee "SILVER 8"

Silver 8 身体调理产品 (而非减肥产品)







Silver8 随着人体内不同的荷尔蒙,让你有梦寐以求与显著的身形。

- 增加肌肉和更有肉感
- 身体变得更合身与强硬

- 燃烧/转换脂肪为肌肉
- 结实你的肌肉和身体
- 坚韧和拥有完美的身体

- 变得更强壮与结实肌肉


Esabee "SILVER 8"

burn your fat and increase your muscle
SILVER8 is a potent body conditioning product enhanced with the QuatroC system. Powered with proprietary nmA factor (Nutrition MicroAlgae), SILVER8 is a refreshing powdered drink blend lightly flavoured with lemon that helps you to achieve the body shape, that until now, you can only dream about.


Feel the SILVER 8 difference!

* Increase Energy
* Increase Muscle , Reduce Fat
* Balanced Muscle & Fat Ratio
* Weight Loss , No Rebound
* Taut & Toned Body
* Contoured Body Shape
* Suitable for ALL Body Types
* Safe for Long Terms Use

Juz only 7 days u can see the results!!

1. Turns ON the body's fat burning mode
2. Activates fat metabolism
3. Protects our bodily system against weight management stress
4. Tones & Strengthens muscles

In doing so, SILVER8 simultaneously promotes the even distribution of fat and muscle in the body. More importantly, SILVER8 is safe for long term consumption and most interestingly, its body conditioning effects increases substantially with increased physical activity, making the combination of SILVER8 and exercise a remarkably rewarding experience.

Skinny people
- increase muscle and flesh
- turn to more fit and tough body

Fatty people
- burn/ convert fat to muscle
- tone up muscle and body
- more perfect and tough body

Moderate people
- tone up the body with more solid muscle

* Gain 6 packs
* No more tummy
* Little Little bit exercise
* No more diet
* Eat as you like

For more details, please send message to my facebook inbox or leave me your comments here.

I went today's conversation at Wisma MCA. It was great and fantastic. I used to attend a lots of conversations held by MCA, and i love to attend those motivation camp. But this time is quite different than before, the conservation I attended today is about running a part time business, without considering the time, places and the people and earn minimum RM 6500 for monthly salary. WoW~! It's sounds good right =)

I told my mum about this after the conversation has ended. But she seems like can accept it. She said : this is just their business tactic. LOL. But i choose to believe what I've seen and heard in this conversation. It made me so excited that I can also made my own money.

I want to thanks Eva, she's the one who introduce this business to me and guide me all the way. Although I've not join the member yet, but in future YES I will be!! So, how bout you ??!xD

Everyone loves money -- as the speakers mentioned since the beginning of the conservation. Money isn't everything but everything is money, I love this word so much !! <3

after all, what are you waiting for ?! join our group and fight for future ! Together with me =)

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