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First day of CNY

AnNyeong !! Happy Chinese New Year to my beloved friends !!xD
Today is the first day of CNY, I woke up at 1 o'clock afternoon . *Gosh* I never wake up this late before . My sisters and I slept at 5 o'clock this morning . Because we superstition the legend of the later we sleep, our parents will promote longevity!! Okay fine, because of that, my eye bags look very obvious and the pimples are 'popping' all around my face !! Arghh!!

Yesterday, we just went to bought our new apparels . So funny right ! Because my dad and mum busy all the time, and have no extra time to shopping . After they finished their stuffs, it's already late night ! Shopping centre and super market already closed ! Too bad !!

All shops in Leisure Mall only operated half day yesterday.Then we fasten our speed to look for daddy's batik. Because when we reached Leisure Mall it's already 11 something . 5 of us seperated into 2 groups .Which is my baby sister followed my mum and others followed my dad . Without further ado, my sister and I straight away walked to the men's wear shop ! My dad used to wear batik, because he said this is formal wear . Then my sister and I teased my dad and said 'Daddy, you should try on to wear jeans and t-shirts, look more younger !!' My dad laughed at me and said :' Do you ever seen somebody wore t-shirt and jean enter government office ??!' Ahaha ~ I never seen before !! But daddy, you'll be the first !!!xD

 Hmm . I love to shopping with my family not only during New Year, but everyday . But it seems like very hard to fulfill this dream . Everytime we shopping, my dad will choose to stay at home playing computer, rather than shopping with us . And my mum, she's just window shopping !! Because she said, money not easy to earn !
So, I very appreciate this new year . It brings my family together .*Peace*  After finished shopping, then we had our lunch at nearby shoplot . TeeHee .

A very hot sunny day . I can feel that the Sun is smiling with me =) After finished our lunch then we went back at 2 something . Well, I've been long time didn't entered kitchen . Haha . Both my sister, the very first thing to do when step into the house is SLEEP !! LOL . Left me to help my mum in the kitchen . Okay, first, washed the vegetables, cut into pieces, and then washed with water . Second, took out the frozen hot dogs and washed, and fried . Third, prepare the soup of the steamboat . Owh ~~ It's really tiring !!xD But it's great and fantastic when you eating the foods that you prepared the whole noon . 

Hmm ~ what's the time ??! What ??! just 9.30pm ??! lol. I felt very sleepy . I didn't rest this afternoon . Then my sisters suggested to watch dramas . We watched dramas until 5 o'clock the next day, *yawning* Let's go to bed !!

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