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Goodbye my friends

hah?! today have no exam . It's time to rest now . Err . Staying at home ?! and MOLDY ... Muahaha~ xD

I just got some tagged photos from classmate through our dearest Mr.Facebook few days before . These photos were took during Majlis Restu . I wondering anyone without a Facebook account must be a geek . Haha .

Hmm ~ Time pass by too fast , until I didn't realized SPM is going to END now . hooray . Is that a good news ?! I guess so . Once SPM is end , i am freedom !!! But I think I will very miss my school and my friends .

I will be leaving this school which we always called ' horror place ' or maybe for someone school is ' heaven ' , every students used to call ' horror place ' than ' heaven ' of course since first we step in this school , and after we had been introduced the LAWs . Haha . It's just disciplines . But now I seem not really willing to leave here , seriously.

I miss my friends here , especially my classmates , 5S1 . We used to have fun and laugh together , make jokes together , even misunderstanding and arguments . We've gone through two year in a same class . And I didn't regret that I've chosen to be apart of this class .

Now , we have to separate and maybe never have a chance to meet each others in our life anymore. The feeling is so sorrow , so emotional , can you imagine that? Every classroom every place , there is memories for us.

from the left :
Ida , Cynnthia , Andrea , Me , Ice Mei Ying , Woan Shian .
front : Ka Ling

This will be PAST TENSE of us . And maybe for our school . Our class teacher , Pn Usha said that she will very miss us after we've left . And she wants us to visit her often in future . Haha . Definitely I'll return someday . Because she lets me know that , ENGLISH is really important nowaday . And I totally falling in love with english .

2010' 5S1 is totally different with previous years . Like what we wrote at our class t'shirt ' 5S1 RECORD BREAKER ' . Haha . Them let me know that . 5S1 is not just a 'bookworm' . We can possess intelligence at the same time we can have fun like others too !

I hope this stories will not ending , just like never ending stories , it will be continuous until the end .

And here , I wish those SPM candidates good luck in their coming exam . And pass with flying col0ur . xD

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