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PMR result released !!!

my sister got 5A3B!!!

Gosh ~~~ I cant believe her result better than mine. I can't accept. Impossible.

She got B for all main language : BM, BI and BC. Muahaha~~ scolded by my mum. 'The important subjects you didn't score !' xD

I can't wait until SPM result release. Everyone around me is asking 'How was your SPM??! Got confidence to get straight A or not ??! ' Hey man, you guys make me more nervous. If I say I'm very confidence, later the result come out SUCKs, then how I face people. If I say I'm not confidence, then the others will say 'don't gar gar larrrr' =.='' What to do ?!!

I went to Education Fair at Mid-Valley last Sunday. I got many information about the courses I wanted to study. Before this, my dad wants me to enter UTAR. But for the account course offered at UTAR, have to study 1 year foundation and 4-year degree. Gosh, it's too long! How old am I after I finished that courses?!? I don't want be Lou Gu Po !!!

And then we saw Segi College consultant. She talks a lot and explain for us. Thanks God! Segi college offered 2 years in diploma and 2 years in degree. So we considering to enter Segi. My dad want us to be account as the main job. The other courses we can take as part time job. LOL. We siblings have to study account cause this is an ORDER from my dad.It's okay! By the way, I still can learn my graphic as the part time course.

Through Internet, I found many graphic design part time course. One of them is IACT College. The courses offered is all seperate, which mean I can just take web design or just other single course. Cheap. Easy. Save Time.xD

I already planned my schedule. Muahahahh~ I dislike to do things last minute. Like my dad!!!
I want learn everything, as I say I don't want to waste my youth. Haha. I want learn sing, dance, yoga, modeling, make-up, dressing, walking, ... Bla Bla Bla ... EVERYTHING!!!xD Hoho, I gotta be very BUSY after this.

My schedule as below:
Weekdays morning - Working.
Weekdays night - Study.
Weekends - Entertain !!! WuhOoooo~


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