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just now dragged by my mum
she wants me to accompany her
to go to the nearest post office
let's go~!
but i felt guilty
just now when reached post office
i lose my temper
and i spoke very rudely to her
i'm not intentionally to do that
i just very anger of
she doesn't told me what should i do
what procedure should i follow
when i entered the post office
i'm just like idiot
watching around
standing there and do nothing
at the moment
i'm thinking
should i took a number first
or i straight go ask on the receptionist
what am i doing
i miss call her
attempt her to call back me
but i waited nothing
then i walked to the car and
and spoke very rudely

am i unfilial daughter ?

today was so so~
i dunno which word can best describe it
today we're having our exam in the school hall
that quite GOOD actually
first time i sit at the corner
that's my dream since long time ago
my name starts with P
every time
if according to the name list
i'm always either sit at the centre of the class
or at the front facing the wall
since last year
every exams i have to face the wall
like punished
the head cannot turns back some more
i'm not dare
cause i'm scare if someone said
i'm trying to cheating in exam
so i have to obey the LAWs of the exam
so pity

today school is over at 11.30
i'm struggled where should i wandering
stood at the front the hall
chit-chating with ida
while she's waiting for her mum
McD again ?!
i think beside there
no where else
no one was staying back
i think i'm the only one
the guys all go yam cha
they have their plan
and girls all went back after school released
once again
i'm so GOOD LUCK
it's okay
just walk to there alone
and wondering what should i bought for my lunch
i'm not hungry
i just nothing to hold in hand
so just bought it
after that i went to school again
hopefully can find someone
but i found no one even a shadow
i decided to call my mummy
hopefully she can bring out of there

actually i'm thinking
is it my phone's problems ?
or just your problem
every time i sent messages to you
the centre didn't send back the report
to mention that the messages already delivered
or it just my illusion ?
i'd asked him the other day
but he was like
just simply brought away the topic
if that is the way you choose
why don't you just tell me
that's better than
you evading me
such a ridiculous
why am i not thick epidermis
if i am
i need not to brother what he's thinking
and just harassing you
no matter what
but i'm not
i'm just a loser!!!

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