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fate and fact

once again
but this time is dragged by dad
went to the bank to take out some money
dad went ti CIMB to take out RM3000
you see that ?!
first time i handing such big amount of money
that feels good
thinking to be millionaire ?
i guess so~
please don't wake me up
if i were dreaming

this world is reality
and i have to admit it
everything can be solved
if you willing to pay money
peoples always say
no money no talk
that's true
and that is a fact

now only i recognize
the importance of money
my family faced a crux on this too
so dad always warn us sibling
not to greedy
because of greedy
we have to pay for it
like what he did
when you get something
and you have to lose something
God is fair
but i don't really believe in fate
but sometimes we got to believe on it
everything comes with fate
despite we cant see it touch it heard it
but it's really existing

sometime i wondered
why the God treated us unfriendly
why It doesn't want to let us
to lead a normal live
just a normal very normal life
without any debts
we have to afraid of
someday we got to lose everything
just everything included properties
so cruel
i mean the banker
they forced us to tackle all the debt
by threatened us
and suing us bankruptcy
dad solved this
by asked a help from his friends politicians

dad decided to buy a new car
for convenience
he cant do things with no rush
because always crush on the time
if he went to another place
and he has to rush back
i know he dreamt for a mercedes for so long
we belonged it two years back
yet because of we cant afford it
and we have to let it go
that's why
we are now sitting just a kancil
dad applied a new car by using my sister name
but being rejected
because she doesn't has a fixed salary
even a licence too~
because of that
dad banked RM 3ooo every months
to her account
and rushed her to learn drive as soon as possible
hopefully can apply that car
and i have a car too
the kancil~~

make our life miserable
without money
we are nothing
so mummy always nagged me
she wants me to work harder on my study
so that i can apply for a scholarship
i really working hard
try to not to disappoint them
but sometime it doesn't as easy as ABC
we cant predict our future
so i'm making a smooth road
so that i able drive through it smoothly in future
without any 'obstacles'
to make a smooth road
we have to sacrifice a lot
success is always comes with sacrifices
but sacrifices not always comes to success

SPM is at the corner
and trial is going now
i'm not confident enough
whether i can pass this exam
but hopefully
SPM i can do it
i afraid of science subject
especially chemistry
i'm not interest at all
but i don't know what to do with it
and sciences are my the weakest subject
next is add math
and english
A is not necessary for me
but peoples always look on A's

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