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all gonna turn out just fine

feel like long time didn't visit school

seems like a bit missing tim...>.<
I apply holiday since middle of august
until today~
it's about a month dy~
feel so lazy
every day woke up at 8 o'clock
gotta to go McD to study
and do my revision
as soon as
trial is at the corner

every day study study and study
started to feel bored
i wondered when can i lead to a life without books
every day facing books
i think i going crazy..>.<

My sister started her college life early of the year
felt so envy to her actually
cause she going to have her freedom life
but many crux we facing throughout this year
she has to pay the pricey courses fees every month

many things
my parents doesn't want to let me know
because they thought we're still a children
can't help many on their problems
but at least
to let them know that
we're a family
we have to live together everyday
and we have to spend our life together until the end
so why not
why doesn't want to share with us ~

mummy warn me
not to tell anyone
what she'd told me
i'm speechless that moment
even when she tried to tell me
but helpless
i can't do anything

we're going to lose our ‘palace'
a place where i growth up
but that's the only way
to reduce some of the burden
that they bear until today

since then i have a dream
that is
to study hard
i want lead to a better life
so that i can bring my family
go around the world
but i find that's hard for me
i afraid i can't accomplish that simple wishes~

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