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Ice Skating Day =)

oh wee^^
I can't remember when is the last time I went to Ice-skating. Suddenly so miss it. So we took bus from Cheras to Pudu Raya and from Pudu Raya to Sunway Pyramid. LOL. Supposedly we depart at 1 o'clock. But my daddy's friend came from Kelantan wanted to us to be his guess. So we postpone until 4 o'clock only we reached the bus stop.

On the way, I keep taking photo. Hoho, as it's my hobbies.

After 1 and half hour, finally we reached our destiny. But that time was raining cats and dogs. Gosh~~ So cold~~~

Whooopss~~ so many people !!!>___<

It's already 6o'clock when we reached there. Sad case. At the same time, they closed for 40 minutes. Because of December still school holiday, therefore the entrance fee quite expensive. It spent RM 85 for 3 peoples. But included two gloves. Owh my God, one glove cost Rm8.

I'm with my baby sister. She's cute but so annoying sometimes. Keep asking those brainless questions.

I'm with my elder sister. She likes to dress like a a boy. She said she feels more comfortable with that dressing. =.=''

Two hours passed. My leg so pain especially my toes. Then we move to McDonald. Wee^^

Huh??! it's already 9o'clock. So, bye bye Sunway Pyramid. I'll visit you again !!xD

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