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Happy Birthday Karli..

31st Oct was KarLi's birthday celebration
her birthday suppose is 4th Oct
But that day is gonna exam
them need prepare for exam

HappY BirThDay KarLi...xD

11 o'clock in the morning
i reach karli's house
then we straight depart to low yat
Venue is same as last year
at Redbox in Low Yat

before 1 o'clock
me, Jing Wen and Chung Wei
go pick up ChuiZhen at Low Yat main door
poor chui zhen
she already reach at 10 o'clock
after we pick chui zhen then we go search for mum mum...xD
we decide go Mc
but on the way we go Mc
we pass by KFC
JingWen is attracted by banana strawberry yogurt
hmm.. then we go try har KFC lorh~

what a damn price
quite expencive nerh~~
ju ding mou dak sek ger lerh~><

Karli received a big wishes card...
and its prepared by 4e2 guys...
wan er, siang wei, jee ling, yee kee, li hsuan
we are a still a gang before
but after we separate class
i almost had forgotten by them
everytime we pass by
we just smile at each other
i mean we have no other topic to gossip

6 of them include karli
eah of them received a big card
even for february
them prepared lately
i'm received nothing

somethig let me very down
even the cake them bake by themself


its the photoshooting session
and the absence in this photo
i'm quite disappointed...
to myself
im not as happiness as them
jip sao si sat larh~~~T^T

all guy smile!!!xD
31st Oct
is stated in our memories...

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